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Hello, my name is Mary and I’ve been on this website for quite a while now. I’ve talked to some pretty amazing people, I’ve made friends, I’ve laughed and I’ve had a great time in general. Taking all this into consideration I decided to show my love for all the amazing blogs I follow by making my first follow forever (aka this one lmao). Some of you may not even know me but I enjoy seeing you on my dash so I had to include you. I follow many people and they all are amazing, but these are my faves. (If you think I forgot to include you or if we’re friends and i forgot to bold you please don’t hesitate to message me). Idk what else to say so here’s the list xx :

(people in bold are my absolute faves.)

adorauhl, anmnesias, allthatmattes, allthatmattters, archivistsrock, aslavetotherhythm, aubreygraharn, augustuswatesayebieber, ayewhatsthesituation, baerauhlballsofbieber, bealrightts, beliebrs, beliezzle, beyonoce, biebersofficial, biebzzswag, blaming-nolan, brotherbieber, bubblybiebers, bwjustin
canadaprince, canadastratford, caramelfringe, caylinrussochanelcelayas, chasingbieber, chirsbrowns, cieber, clitt, daddymaterial, ddrews, diariesbieber, dieinyousarms, djtayjamess, downtuearth, drewbieb
feliciathegoats, fetusrauhl, firstmarch, fuckliam, gangstapayne, gay4zayn, hairsflip, hayyr, honestbieber, honorbiebs, holdingontights, holydrews, horanyewest, icantbelieb, idiotsofsummeridontrecalls, ihearmelodies, illfuckingbeathefuckoutofyou, itsjustinsbieber, itwas1994
jesuschrists, jusitinsbiebersjustinbieber, justinbiebersvagina,  justinfuckenbieber, justinscrew, justnszjuvstin, juzstinbieber, jzstinbieber, kaynewests, khhalil, kidraaul, kokizzle, lianpayne, liferuinedbyjustinbieber, likeserenitys, literallyrad, loyauhl

makeubelieves, manrauhl, march1st, michcolclifford, moaningwithstyles, morningsuns, mybieberwonderland, neonexposure, niyellhoran, ofzane, ohlordbieber, onestime, outoftoswngirl, outslawthekiss, owwbieber
parydise, perfectjdb, pleathe, powerbieb, putudown, rbieber, richbiotchrightnexttoyousrihahna, rihannasclit, rollarscoaster, rootingforyoubaby, ryanggood, sellingweedtojustinbieber, sassybizzlesexwithjustinb, sexybiebshotsofbiebs, sirauhls, skunkstripezayn, sleepingwithjustinbieber, slowsdowns, sluttybutsy, smokingweedwithjustinbieber, somebodytoloves, somerhaders, strasford, strengthofourloves, sunshinestorain swoggy
taakeyou, takeawaysthepain, thatswhattheythought, therauhls, thugzmansions, turnerbae, tylrerposey, twentyjustin, twerkforjustins, undercoverbelieber, ujstin, wedidntlastnow, whathefuckluke, wingstosfly, woopstyles, wrekingball, yellowranicoat, yesdrew, yezir, zarry, zaynscum, zaynsmalik, zendayza, zeymar, ziamharder, zustin, zvynmaliks, 2000thot, -whenusmile

p.s. sorry for the crappy edit

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